Hello and welcome to my first blog post!

The idea for this blog has been swirling around my head for a quite a while now with an ongoing parade of possible posts and topics.  Sewing, knitting and crafting?  Cooking and gardening? Arizona living and hiking?  Parenting and empty nesting? Remarriage?  OY!  The truth is that I expect I will have something to post about each of these topics at some time or another as my “third act”( post-stay-at-home-mom years) has so far been full of learning and growing in all of these areas.  I have evolved into an avid sewist, knitter and gluten-free cook and baker.  I have evolved into a wife for the second time and a parent of three grown children and two grown stepchildren. I have evolved into a fitness and health enthusiast.

At the same time and on a deeper level, I have been on a journey toward greater self-discovery and awareness-an evolution toward authenticity, honesty and deeper presence.   From a young age I was a seeker and a questioner.  A move from the east coast to the southwest twelve years ago provided me with the space (literally and figuratively) to begin this internal exploration which has taken many forms over the years- traditional therapy, education (Masters in Counseling),  books by spiritual teachers and marriage to an aware partner who shares my seeker’s heart and never tires of discussions about consciousness or anything else.

So this blog is about the celebration of the journey.  Mine and yours. My hope is that readers of this blog will be inspired to try new things and be more present in their own lives.  I look forward to sharing our stories.






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