Good Morning Tucson

Our Morning Walk


When we were ready to buy a house in Tucson one of our “must-haves” was a great view of the mountains.  As avid hikers we also hoped to find a house near one of the many trailheads in the area.  The home we moved to almost two years ago not only has views of the mountains on three sides but is also walking distance to Sabino Canyon, a vast and beautiful park in the Coronado National Forest.  Tourists to the area make it a point to visit this incredible natural setting, and the fact that we can walk right in still blows my mind.

At first, I would go off hiking in the canyon after David left for work and we would hike together on the weekends.  Last summer however we discovered that if we left early enough (we’re talking 5 am here) we could do a brisk four mile walk  in the canyon and David could comfortably get to work.  Early walking and hiking is pretty standard here because the searing heat of the summer months makes it difficult if not dangerous to hike later in the day.

So, we have been waiting patiently for the sun to rise early enough so that we could resume our early morning walks together.  This has been our first week back out there, and I wanted to share some of the amazing scenery of sunrise in the canyon.

The Walk Out

The photo above shows the saguaros that welcome us on our way in with the sun just peeking out in the east.  In a matter of minutes (seconds?) it looked like this:


Because we are walking rather than driving into the canyon we enter by way of a road that is closed to visitors’ cars.  We then join with the main road (also closed to visitor traffic but used for service vehicles and tourist trams that run after 9am) that actually meanders for about seven miles into the canyon.  This is what welcomes us:


The beautiful palo verde trees line this road, and while my camera doesn’t quite capture it, the contrast of the trees’ yellow blooms and the still-dark canyon is gorgeous.  In short order though the sun peeks out and the canyon appears:





Sabino Canyon is a busy place, especially at this time of year, but in the early morning we can still feel like the only ones out there.   A wonderful experience of vast stillness and beauty.

The Walk Out

After about a mile into the canyon (and it’s pretty much all this spectacular) we turn to retrace our steps out.  By that time the sun is up and creating amazing views in every direction.  I’ll let these shots speak for themselves:


The Road to Home

As we near our house we slow down and take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a place like this:



Life is good.

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