Eden Revisited

After yesterday’s idyllic walk in nature- its majesty!, its beauty!- we woke up this morning to an impressive display of its power as the wind howled around us.  Over our morning coffee we heard a cacophony of wind-generated noise although it was still too dark to watch the show.  Eventually we could see some of what was going on out there:




Upon hearing the ominous sound of some object in our yard being seriously moved around by the wind we stepped outside and saw THIS:


That’s our Weber grill floating  (well not exactly floating I guess) in the pool!

Having lived in Arizona for a while I had heard stories of “microbursts”, mini-tornadoes that do significant damage in one small, concentrated area while leaving most of the surrounding area intact.  I imagine that some combination of physics and earth science knowledge would help me explain how this grill, nestled next to our house in a relatively protected corner could be dragged twelve feet into the pool, but those were two subjects I actively avoided.  Frankly just looks like another case of paranormal activity to me.

In any event we (okay David) will have to wade into the still-very-cold water and figure out a way to get this out of there.  As we contemplate this I will award the quote of the day to David’s co-worker, Chris, who texted: “Underwater salvage in the desert. Who would’ve guessed?”

Indeed, and thank you Chris for making me smile.



7 thoughts on “Eden Revisited

  1. I am glad that I was able to encourage a smile this morning. Arizona likes to throw out the unexpected weather occurrences to make up for the typical clear blue skies.


  2. OMG…what a site! We have high winds here but never saw anything like that. Hope the grill is still usable after the bath…


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