I’m Impressed!

I’ve alluded in many of my posts so far to David’s woodshop and woodworking.  Over the past month or so he doubled the size of our backyard storage shed to use for his shop.  While I don’t have a “before” shot of the shed here’s the “after”:


That entire front section used to be a covered porch.  He framed it out,  put down a sturdier floor, moved the window, relocated the door and sided the whole thing.  Here’s what the addition looks like inside:


and here’s the other side:


I know.  Some pretty intense-looking pieces of  equipment.  And notice how neat this space is (after an afternoon of David working in there)!  I shudder to think of anyone walking into my sewing room and taking pictures.

While all of the construction was going on, David was also planning to learn how to do woodturning.  He took a class at our local Woodcraft store several weeks ago and has been assembling the necessary equipment to get started.  Plus he’s been poring over videos online to learn as much as possible before engaging with this:


This is a woodturning lathe, and the idea is that a piece of wood is affixed to a spinner (a FAST spinner) and as it spins around a variety of sharp tools are used to shape it.  This is a mallet for the shop that David made during his class:


So after all this preparation (you have no idea how much prep time went into setting up the lathe itself!) David finally had some time this afternoon to start noodling around in his shop.  He planned on using some of this mesquite wood that the tree guy set aside when our trees were trimmed:


You can imagine my surprise and delight when he came into the house carrying this:


Wow!  Pretty impressive for the very first project. While this bowl is still unfinished (i.e. oiled, etc.)  you can see how the turning process accentuates the beauty of the wood grain.  The small dark area on the right side is a knot in the wood that actually creates an opening in the bowl.  I think it’s just beautiful.

It’s really fun to have a partner who shares my love of  “making things”.  I understand when David disappears for hours in the shop because I can relate to the wonderful feeling of being in the creative flow.  I know that it can be hard for men, who traditionally work long hours outside of the home to then sequester themselves and take even more time away from their partners and families.   It’s really all good with  me, and maybe in the not too distant future I’ll have some beautiful decorative bowls for this space:


Definitely a win-win 🙂


9 thoughts on “I’m Impressed!

  1. Very impressive…David’s shop looks terrific and bowl quite lovely. We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future,.

    Really great that you are both deriving such satisfaction from making things.


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