So this is my first public service announcement on my blog.  And I come to you as a wholly unsponsored user of the following product:


I became gluten-free about three years ago.  No celiac disease or “diagnosed”  issue with gluten.  I just felt so much better without gluten in my diet that it was a no-brainer not to continue.  Ironically, at just about the same time as I chose to eliminate gluten from my diet I discovered my passion for cooking and baking.  After some initial research on using replacement flours in baked goods, I had some success adjusting favorite recipes.  Since baking is science (and science I don’t really know much about) my tinkering didn’t always work and I still remember a pretty dramatic fail with a banana bread recipe that ended up all over the oven.

Quite by accident, as I was only half listening to a Barefoot Contessa show on Food Network, I heard Ina say that she was making a gluten- free meal.  And that’s how I found out about Cup 4 Cup.  As the name implies, this flour can be substituted into any recipe where all-purpose flour is an ingredient without any other adjusting of ingredients.  Intrigued, I tracked Cup 4 Cup down in Williams-Sonoma (now they carry it in Whole Foods!) and got busy baking.  I was skeptical but I needn’t have been.  In each and every recipe where I have used this gluten-free flour the results have been divine.  And this includes both sweet ( all the goodies on this blog) and savory (béchamel, binders in fritters, etc.) dishes.  I am fairly certain that in terms of both taste and consistency no one could tell the difference between these items and items made with all-purpose flour.

As I search for recipes online I often see comments from readers who are wondering how to make delicious looking recipes gluten-free, so I’d like to do my bit to get the word out about this amazing product.  OK, my bit is done.

And here’s my latest obscenely delicious (and gluten-free) dessert.  This is a bittersweet chocolate cake courtesy of (where else?) Smitten Kitchen:


No shortage of powdered sugar either (oops!).  So dig in, feel good and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “PSA

  1. It’s good to know about this flour, though I doubt I would ever use it. I do like to experiment with different flours, and am especially fond of spelt flour and something called teff. It does make a difference in how the final product tastes.

    I give away most of what I bake these days, because otherwise I would be too tempted to eat them myself.

    Bon appetit!


  2. An aside from your technology-challenged follower……..My sister-in-law is gluten-free and I had told her about this flour after you mentioned it to me. I’m not sure she has tried it yet but I’d love to share this blogpost with her. I think I just have to send her a link because I don’t see any way to share this directly by email, only twitter, facebook, etc. Is that right or am I missing something? I’d like to share many of your blogposts but haven’t seen an easy way to email. Help!


    • Aside from the social media links I don’t think there’s another instant way to share the post. If you are following why not just forward the post via e-mail? That way you don’t have to include the link if you don’t want and she can browse around once she gets the post. Clearly a response from another technology-challenged person 🙂 Thanks for sending my post on though…


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