Garden Surprises (Of Course)


So after eighteen days away and the start of the monsoon season in Tucson it would make sense that we would see some changes to our garden.   But we were not entirely prepared for what we saw.  First, get a load of the Audrey 2 clone (i.e. our zucchini plant shown in the photo above) that now has the proportions of a bonafide bush!  That leaf in the front is probably a foot long.  And the kicker is that here is our one and only actual zucchini:


Well, okay, it’s a nice size zucchini but one might have expected a bit more production from such a behemoth.  I’m not sure whether to consider this a pleasant or unpleasant surprise.  Clearly the plant to zucchini ratio can use some improvement.

Next, after the first seeds got planted back in January we finally have the start of a pepper:


Here’s a close-up:


This is exciting.  But again, I’m not sure what it means for our next round of growing. Peppers must like the heat.

For the most part though everything in the greenhouse except tomatoes needed to be pulled up.  In terms of our growing season it was probably time anyway, but our biggest surprise came when we discovered that the plastic sheeting that enclosed our greenhouse had literally begun to tear away and disintegrate!  Clearly the material couldn’t handle the stress of the summer heat.  I didn’t take photos of that because we were too busy pulling the tattered sheeting off and the dead plants out before we got pelted again with monsoon rain.

But here’s the skeleton of our greenhouse as it looks now:


David’s done some research and we have a better grade of sheeting on order.  Luckily the frame is completely sturdy and intact.  And I don’t think the tomatoes mind the extra sun and rain. We haven’t seen the last of the summer tomatoes 🙂

As I’ve documented on this blog, our first six months of gardening has been a real mixed bag. We are very encouraged by how we (well, actually our veggies) fared but there is so much more to know and lots of room for improvement.  For the next month, before the fall planting season we’re hoping to learn more, build some more raised beds, repair the greenhouse and get excited all over again.

I will keep you posted and welcome any and all suggestions from green-thumbed readers…






7 thoughts on “Garden Surprises (Of Course)

  1. Hi Lisa, I wasn’t surprised with the summer gardening issues on the desert. I seem to remember being told that it is almost impossible to grow veggie in the summer heat and extreme sunlight. Many of the garden shops push veggie plants in the fall and even early winter. Good luck with your future endeavors. Natalie

    Sent from my iPad. Natalie Tambor



    • By this time in the summer, yes. But we have friends who were still trying to find takers for their veggies before we left. At least we know who to ask for more advice!


  2. Yup, sounds pretty much like what I’ve got here (in the UK). Courgettes (aka zucchini in America) are all foliage with micro-veg. And the pepper plants are so s-l-o-w this year. Happy gardening, though. Our beans are doing well. Are you growing any?


    • I feel better (as in misery loves company!). I appreciate your comment so I can get some perspective. And I think I remember your gorgeous rainbow of colors post with flowers from your garden? We had exactly one bean on one teeny plant. I’m certain there was gardener error there. Thanks for reading…


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