The Little Denim Skirt

And My First “Refashion”

So we all know about the “little black dress”, right?  You know, the one that you can dress up, dress down, wear to a wedding, cocktail party or funeral?  Well, I’ve had one of those in my closet for years and it’s collecting dust.  I don’t need a LBD.  I need a LDS or little denim skirt!  Here in Arizona life is so casual that one could easily live in jeans and almost always be dressed appropriately.  Trouble is that when temperatures start to climb jeans get way hot very quickly.  Enter the little denim skirt.  Dress it up, dress it down and a little air circulation. Yes, please!

About a year ago I thought that I had found my perfect LDS at Ann Taylor-good length. dark blue denim (we 50-somethings are not supposed to wear the washed out kind anymore, right?), form-fitting but not too tight and cute detailing.  Here’s the skirt:



Unfortunately this skirt is made of stretch denim and what began as a neatly-fitting skirt grew and grew when I wore it.  And no amount of washing was going to help.   I’ve been keeping my eye out for another skirt like this one and have been unable to find it.  So, it was time to take my refashion/tailoring skills out for a spin.  I’ve seen many sewing blogs featuring refashioning of ill-fitting or out-of-date clothing,  I’ve been wanting to try it but haven’t really had the right project.  I had nothing to lose so I got out my seam ripper and started tearing the skirt apart.

As with my cooking posts I’m still getting the hang of taking pictures in process so I don’t have any photos of the skirt in pieces with swirls of thread on the kitchen floor.  Actually the process was far simpler than I had imagined it to be.  It’s funny how I can create a skirt from scratch but wondered about taking this RTW one apart!  Because this skirt has a back zipper this was simply a matter of taking in the side seams.  In order to do that though I had to free the side seams from the waistband (with a plan to take that in too) and the hem.  Easy.

I intended to take the skirt in one inch on each side, however I got sloppy cutting open one side seam and took off more fabric than I had intended (oy!) so I ended up taking in each side one and a half inches (glad the denim is stretch!)  Here’s a look at my new seams:


This is the one at the hem with the hem resewn over it. This is the seam up at the waistband with the waistband sewn back down:


Not perfection, but the dark denim and thread hides a multitude of sins!  Having a serger to finish the seams really makes the repair job look professional.  Here’s a seam with the original finishing:


Surprisingly easy to duplicate!

And here is me wearing my “new” well-fitting (if a wee bit snug!) LDS:

DSCN0771 - Version 2

I’ll take it!  Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to rummage around in my closet to see what else I can tear apart…

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