Do Frogs Like Blueberry Pie?

To pick up on a thread (yarn?) from a while ago, remember this?


After I frogged my project I was determined to make something out of this perfect cream-colored yarn.  I loved working with it.  After several false starts I settled on a short-sleeved leaf pattern top.  In order to make the gauge I had to drop down two needle sizes.  As a result I was dealing with lots of little stitches.  It came with me to Montana and here’s a shot in progress (upside down) on the circular needles:


And today I finally finished it!  Here’s how it looks:


I love it!  After several projects now that include lace I can say that I am completely hooked.  Here’s a close-up of the lace panel:


Oh and for those who can’t see without their glasses…


Ha!  Actually I was just playing around with the “macro” setting on my camera 🙂

This pattern was fun to knit (the gazillions of stitches notwithstanding) because there are only nineteen stitches of a changing pattern on each row and the rest is all circular (i.e. fast) knitting.  It’s a good project to do when the TV is on, assuming you can find anything to watch. Speaking of TV, and on a happy note, we are now very into “Halt and Catch Fire” on AMC.  But I digress…

I think the reason I like knitting lace patterns is because the negative space is such an integral part of the pattern.  I’m very into “space” these days in everything from design to my psyche.  The more the better.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of my lacy knitwear.  And here I am modeling the new sweater:


OK, so it wouldn’t have killed me to put on some make-up for my photo session but it’s Saturday and I’ll be dunking in the pool soon.

So by now if you are wondering what my reknitted ex-frogged project has to do with blueberry pie, the answer is “absolutely nothing”.  Total nonsense.  But I did, in fact, need a segue to this:


Hope you are having a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Do Frogs Like Blueberry Pie?

  1. Love this sweater. Soooo pretty!
    I don’t care about the segue to blueberry pie but I love blueberry pie! Wish I had a piece, looks delicious!


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