Messing With My Zen

So you know how some people always seem to be renovating something in their homes?  The folks who buy a house and part of the excitement is anticipating all the things they are going to change when they get in there?  Well I’m NOT one of those people.  In all of my years of owning homes (and I’ve had several) there wasn’t a renovation that I didn’t go into kicking and screaming all the way.  I’ve lived with overly small kitchens and horribly outdated decor (some aqua blue formica countertops come to mind) because I so hate to share my space with, well, anybody!  Anybody not married or related to me anyway.  But this morning these guys arrived:


When David and I bought our wonderful house with the beautiful views we knew that the key stuff like the kitchen, bathrooms and layout would not need to change.  We also knew, however that ALL of the windows and doors would need to be replaced–not only because the existing ones are original to the house but because they are environmentally unfriendly in a way we can’t live with.  So here we go.  I figured that with all the tumult around me (I’ve already ripped out my new knitting project) the only thing to do was to accept that there would be no Zen moments today and start taking pictures.

These guys work fast!  It’s only 10:30 here and most of the windows are already set in:


In anticipation of this work, David ripped out an unhealthy-looking oleander hedge.   Frankly it needed to go.  I like the brown trim on the windows.  It took some time for me to make up my mind about the color.  Phew!  I’ve definitely been stressing over whether I would like it.

Here’s the work going on the other side of the house:


We are also replacing all of the decorative glass to make it more environmentally friendly and efficient.  I feel cooler just thinking about it.  Here’s some of the glass waiting for its new home:


Which will be here:


and up here:


and here:


I think the new sliding doors will go in tomorrow.  I’m way excited about having functioning sliders with screens.  Imagine living in this gorgeous environment with (mostly) perfect weather and not being able to bring the outside in!  Wow, nothing like blogging to help me focus on the pay-off of all of this rather than the inconvenience associated with having it done.

Actually, any time I’ve had work done in any of my houses the experience was never as problematic or bothersome as I feared.  Here in Tucson we’ve had a succession of service folks come through who were professional and friendly, and I’m always so much happier to know that we’re doing necessary maintenance and creating a space that feels good and looks good.  Replacing the windows is one of those projects that isn’t sexy but we will be much happier with the upgrade.  And it will all be done in a few days.

Of course next we’ll be getting in touch with the painter to paint the exterior trim and take care of interior touch ups. And while we’re at it, there are the interior walls we never got to.  And what do we want to do about replacing that hedge?  Slippery slope.  Dominoes.  Sigh.

The good news is that tomorrow I can hide out in my sewing room.  Yes!





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