A Beautiful Morning Ritual



As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show where Oprah interviews all kinds of successful people about spirituality, consciousness and the point of it all.  At the end of each show she presents an “original short” or five minute segment that focuses on ordinary people (as opposed to her famous guests) and their various spiritual and artistic journeys.

This week I caught an episode of the show, and Oprah’s guest was Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.  His inspiring commitment to running a company where respect and values are central has much to do with the great vibe we all get when we walk into a Starbucks.  In keeping with the “coffee” theme, the original short focused on the importance of morning rituals, and it got me thinking about mine and David’s.

Our morning ritual starts early and is something that we, as individuals and as a couple, fiercely protect. Our routine begins with coffee in our comfy chairs in the kitchen (the same chairs from the crossword puzzle post).  In fact, this ritual is so central that we don’t even have a kitchen table in our kitchen!  Good sweet coffee is something we both enjoy (our favorite is Seattle’s Best Dark Roast) and we’ve been known to take it with us even when we travel.

Cups in hand, we sip, we look over e-mail, we puzzle and we chat.  From my chair in the kitchen I can see the sun come up and I’m often treated to some pretty stunning views.  This morning, before we headed out for our daily walk I took some photos of a particularly wonderful sunrise.  In the photo above, the sliver of moon and one solo star is so lovely.  But the real drama was all to the east:


Wow. So breathtaking.  By the time we headed out the door for our walk this was gone.

I’ve written already about the great energy in Sabino Canyon, and David and I feel our best with daily exercise, but the most important part of our morning walk is that we are doing it together.  At different times of the year we aren’t able to get out together (too dark) and we miss starting the day connected in that way.  We seldom miss an opportunity to express gratitude for each other and all the beauty that surrounds us.  Once we get home David usually whips up a refreshing smoothie which we enjoy  before we start our respective days.

For us, the morning ritual creates feelings of connection and peace which stay with us for the rest of the day.  It’s a good thing.

A Mini Milestone

On another note, this is my fiftieth (!) blog post.  I can’t believe it, but WordPress tells me it’s so.  I’ve loved putting these posts together and continue to be intrigued by where this blogging journey will take me.  Thanks to those of you out there who read, comment and give me feedback.  I appreciate it very very much.





10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Morning Ritual

  1. Congrats on reaching the milestone of 50 blogs. I read each one with interest, and love hearing about your various creative outlets and personal revelations. Your photos — and witty segues to them –also amuse and delight! In fact, I meant to comment on how much I liked the pic of your new windows (not yet installed) reflecting the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. Wonderful!

    Looking forward to more posts!


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