Fun With Beads (Part 1)

And I Haven’t Even Made Anything Yet!

Today I picked up materials for making a beaded Kumihimo (my new addiction) necklace.  In the store there is one entire wall full of small tubes of seed beads.  I was particularly drawn to a variety called picasso seed beads.  They have a creamy finish with some color variation and no two beads in a tube are exactly alike.  I picked up about six different colors, and in preparation for making the necklace I dumped them into my bead spinner:


I was so entranced by this beautiful mix of color, and I kept running my fingers through the bowl just enjoying the feel of the beads.  Before I knew it, the necklace was forgotten as I grabbed my camera and got busy snapping pictures.   The sun was streaming in my dining room  creating all kinds of beautiful effects.  At first, all I wanted to do was get closer in order to see all the lovely color variation:


So pretty.  Then I moved into artistic mode, zoomed in further, did some cropping and voila:

DSCN1202 - Version 2

This way you can really appreciate the depth of color.  (The turquoise beads are not actually picassos but I needed little bits of zippier color for the necklace project). Next I zoomed out some and created a bunch of random designs like this:


I love the juxtaposition between the sharp focus and soft focus.  And for more optical illusion fun check this out:


These look like they are falling or floating, don’t they?  In reality they are sitting on their sides on a white countertop. Eventually I did make a small strand of beads and took a bunch of different shots.  Here’s my favorite:

DSCN1232 - Version 2

Oh my goodness.

Coming up–Part 2, The Necklace!


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