A Knitted Accessory…

…for the thermostatically challenged!

I’ll get to that in a minute, but this project really all started with this:


I had an idea to knit a very sheer summery sweater with this wonderful linen yarn from Quince & Co., one of my favorite yarn manufacturers. I had never knitted with linen before and for some reason I wasn’t having any luck with the patterns I was choosing.  Ripping out, starting over.  I simply wasn’t feeling it.  I was just about to put the yarn away when I spotted a pattern for a simple summer-weight scarf/shawl, and it got me thinking about this:


This peek into my purse reveals the folded/mushed up J. Crew cardigan (circa 2009) that I lug around to manage my ever-changing internal thermostat.  If you are of a certain age and reading this you know exactly what I mean.  One minute I’m surreptitiously dipping my fingers in the nearest water glass and dotting my temples and neck (and anywhere else I wouldn’t be embarrassed to “dot” in public) in order to stave off a complete meltdown and next I’m frantically grabbing at my purse to get the sweater on to keep my teeth from chattering in the air conditioning.

Functionally, the J. Crew sweater has been doing the trick but lately I’ve noticed that when I pull it out this is what I’m putting on:


Not so fetching.  Perhaps a scarf/shawl item would look a little better.  I didn’t have any other ideas for the linen yarn so I knitted it right up and here’s how it looks:


This is a super-simple pattern that really calls for a contrasting color on the “stripes” but I definitely wanted to go solid for something I could be putting on all the time.  Once I was finished knitting and blocking I realized that the dimensions were more “scarf” than “shawl”.  Here’s a look at my best attempt (I’m awful at this!) to drape the scarf:


Actually that’s a pretty poor attempt, but you get the idea.  I really like the look of this but I don’t know about helping out with much temperature control.  How about like this:


Again, I think it’s cute but I’m not sure if it will keep the teeth from chattering.  I’m pretty sold on this idea, and rather than stow the scarf/shawl down in the depths of my purse (who knows what might happen to it in there!)  I can tie it around my purse handle like this:


I’m already looking at other patterns for a bonafide shawl, and I have a hunch that this one will become a spring/fall decorative scarf, but in the meantime I will forgo function in favor of form and step out tonight without the wrinkled cardigan.  And I won’t sit under the air conditioning vent 🙂




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