Happy in Ikat

So it finally happened.  Some time this summer I slipped on my favorite khaki shorts, looked in the mirror, and realized that it was time to stop wearing shorts.  This doesn’t mean that I never wear them, particularly when I’m out walking or hiking, but they no longer (to my eye anyway) do anything for me.  And given the weather here in hot, hot Arizona, pants for me are a complete no-go.  Enter skirts.  Lots and lots of skirts.

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy sewing skirts–a great opportunity to trot out some fun prints and few fitting issues.  For my “instead of shorts” pattern though I’m loving this one, the aptly named Everyday Skirt:DSCN1506

Admittedly I got sucked in by the easy breezy model, but I could see how this pattern could work in lots of fabrics and pair up with all my summer tanks and tees.  Um, no sweaters in August.

This is the second time I’ve made this skirt.  Here’s me wearing the first version:


This is the dotted chambray version (where would I be without the ever-present black tank!) which I love, except that it’s too sheer to wear without a slip.  The slippery nylon clinging in the summer…well you know.

So I set off to Joann’s to find a more opaque, slightly “crisper” fabric.  Joann’s is a real hit or miss affair for me, but this time I got lucky and found this wonderful Ikat chambray:


My love affair with Ikat patterns started a long time ago and I’ve slipped them into my environment like here:


and here:


But this is the first time I’ve used an Ikat pattern for an article of clothing.  Here’s the finished skirt:


The designers of this skirt have only recently branched out from designing children’s patterns.  No wonder they understand comfort!  Some of the features that make this such a great “throw on skirt” include the elastic waist in the back:

DSCN1499 2

From a styling perspective, the smooth front waistband keeps the look more modern and less “Home Ec”. And the pockets are a must for me in terms of function:

DSCN1501 2

The construction is simple throughout right down to the turned up and top-stitched hem:


I’m really pleased with how this skirt turned out.  Here’s me wearing it, and enjoying the full-on sunny day:DSCN1489

Hope your day is making you smile (even if you’re not wearing Ikat)!




3 thoughts on “Happy in Ikat

  1. Funny you should say no to shorts…..I remember having heard Helen Mirren say that she never understood why American women love shorts because she thinks shorts never do anything for any woman (or something like that). I happen to have ugly knees and have sworn off shorts for years but her words gave me validation. I happen to love her style, so this worked for me. That being said, YOU have lovely legs and can easily wear shorts but I can relate to your feelings……skirts just are so much cuter!! Love you in your beautiful skirts! Enjoy 🙂


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