Fun Weekend, New Bracelet

It’s  been a busy weekend around here.  David’s son, Jason, and his girlfriend, Kristen, arrived on Thursday for a three day visit.  We don’t see them very often so we were looking forward to hanging out together without much of an agenda.  We hiked, cooked, swam, sunned and drank some good wine.  Here’s a photo of David and Jay during our hike in Sabino:

DSCN1508 2

We were out early and it was still pretty hot out there!  The big smiles pretty much tell the story of the weekend.

I also enjoyed my solo time with Kristen.  We gals need to stick together since we are usually well outnumbered by the guys!  Kristen is studying to be a nurse, and she is also very creative and artistic.  She expressed an interest in learning how to do Kumihimo so we set off to play at the bead store.  We picked up supplies so she could make a woven bracelet like mine, and while we were there, we spotted a sample of an earth-tone beaded bracelet with tassels that we both really liked.  I decided to buy the beads we needed to make it figuring we could use online resources for the how-to part:


And here’s the finished bracelet:


I really like it, probably because it looks pretty much like the one we saw. I think the process of construction was fine but my technique on this go-round was less than stellar.   Different (less artfully arranged) photos tell the real story.

This bracelet has a loop and button closure.  Here’s a close-up of that part:

The construction begins with the loop:


This bracelet is beaded using double strands of cording, but the loop is started using only single strands.  Once you have about 2 inches of single braid on the Kumihimo disk, you take the warps off, fold the braid in half and rethread the 16 warps (2 in each slot) to begin the beading part.  I didn’t keep those eight doubled warps from criss-crossing each other when I rethreaded so my first beads didn’t create a neat edge.  This will be something I pay closer attention to next time.

After the beaded portion is the desired length,  there’s some additional braiding, the ends are knotted, and the button is attached by threading one cord of the sixteen through the button.  Here’s a shot of that construction:


The tassels are simply the remaining cords dotted with beads, trimmed and knotted.  I used simple knots which didn’t secure each bead to a specific spot on a cord.  There’s a way to knot that keep the beads from moving around but I haven’ t learned how to do that yet.

Here’s the bracelet on my wrist:


Hmm. The mess at the beginning is pretty apparent. Maybe this way:


Better.  Happily I have plenty of beads left over so I can give it another go.  Once I get the kinks out I’ll send one to Kristen.  She and Jason are off to Las Vegas today for more vacation and David and I going to finish the weekend eating up leftovers, catching  up on the Times puzzle and floating in the pool.  Ahhh.



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