A Handmade Gift for Me

As someone who has been involved in creating handmade items for years I know the joy of pouring love, energy and skill into an object with the intention of giving it to someone else.  I have given away many of my handmade quilts for wedding gifts (one was actually used as a chuppah!) baby gifts and birthday gifts.  Now that I can knit, the scarves, sweaters and shawls are given to the people I care about most.  And in my mind, nothing says “nurture” more than a delicious meal or sweet, made with love and shared with others.

I haven’t received many handmade gifts over the years, not because people don’t care about me, but because most people I know are not all that into these types of hobbies.  And that’s fine.  We get nurtured in all kinds of ways.  But yesterday, David presented me with this:


I had mentioned not long ago that I needed a low cake plate for my various tarts and pies.  David hasn’t spent much time in his woodshop this summer because of the heat but he got back in there this weekend and emerged yesterday with this stunning turned cake plate made from mesquite wood.

It absolutely took my breath away, both because it is so beautiful and because he made it just for me.   A perfect gift.

Here’s a better shot of the grain:


The natural design and color variations are stunning.  Here’s a close-up of the fun yellow edge:


So cool. This piece of wood presented some wood turning challenges because of this:


It’s quite a job to do high-speed turning when the lathe is bumping into this!  Clearly David had a “make it work” moment (thanks Tim Gunn) in his woodshop.  And he did make it work!  The “imperfections” in the wood only add to the uniqueness of the piece.  I like this view which shows the beautiful shiny finish and rounded edges:


And I wasted no time in putting this plate to use:


Unfortunately this Linzer torte still sitting on the springform pan base isn’t nearly as beautiful as the plate, but you get the idea.  I will definitely need to find a more appealing way to present, cut and serve without damaging the beautiful finish.  Not burning the edges of the Linzer torte is also a good idea.

It is wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful handmade things.  I feel very lucky to be able to give and receive.



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