Best Show in Town

Spring has sprung here in Tucson.  We had plenty of winter rain so our canyon is green, the water is still rushing and the flowers are popping.  It’s a breathtaking time of year.  I’ve been hiking almost every day not wanting to miss a moment.  It’s quite a show.

The other day, when I was visiting my neighbor, I was mesmerized by the birds in her yard.  She had multiple feeders scattered about, and the activity and energy of the finches, cardinals, hummingbirds and quail was really something.  Good old- fashioned tweets!!  I left determined to create something similar in my yard, and I headed off to the wild bird store in town (yes, there is one) and got outfitted with feeders and seed designed to attract a wonderful array of birds in our area.

So I took a seat on my back deck and waited for word to get out.  Well, it didn’t take long.  Within the hour we had lots of visitors:



This guy was so happy with his meal that he tweeted the good news out to some of his friends:


In case you don’t think that birds (or other animals) have distinct personalities, check out the attitude of that little guy staring me down!  Watching these birds and listening to them communicate with each other is another reminder that ALL species have the same desire to survive and thrive as we do.  I feel very grateful that I live in an environment where I can watch these lovely birds live freely.  And I feel even more grateful that I will no longer turn right around and eat other animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I believe that it is the right of all animals to be free to survive and thrive.  If you believe this too, please consider going vegan.  A cruelty-free life is really something to tweet tweet about 🙂


6 thoughts on “Best Show in Town

  1. It is a difficult sentiment, to be sure, to enjoy these beautiful creatures in all their glory on the back porch, but then dine on their flesh at dinner. It’s why we quit eating our neighbors!

    So glad to see that spring has sprung there as it has here. I just pinged you on my latest post. I hope you don’t mind…I think your blog is just awesome!


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