Recipe of the Week


Divine shredded kale salad!

I’m calling this my recipe of the week but we had it twice this week and I have bunches of kale all ready to go for round three. It’s that good.  This recipe is from Oh She Glows (thanks for another great one Angela!) and you can take a look at it here.

I was drawn to this recipe not only because the ingredient list is full of stuff I like (pecans and dried cranberries) but also because it was inspired by a salad at True Food Cafe up by my old stomping ground in Scottsdale.  My two sons still live up there and I’ve been planning to stop by True Food when I’m visiting next week.  Any mention of Tucson, Scottsdale, Phoenix or Arizona gets my attention.  I live in paradise!  So back to this simple, but elegant salad…

You know, I’m not really a kale lover but I am committed to having lots of it in my diet.  The nutritional benefits are just too good.  I juice with it daily and throw it into soups and most salads.  But in this salad the kale is the star of the show.  The dressing is a simple garlic lemon vinaigrette.  Those crunchy sprinkles are a “pecan parmesan” made with toasted pecans, nutritional yeast, salt and a bit of oil.  The kale is shredded (how I like it best), dressed with the vinaigrette, sprinkled with lots of the crunchy pecan mix and topped with the cranberries.  The trick though is to dress the salad a few hours before eating to let the flavors come together and let the kale soften up some.  Wouldn’t want to do that with iceberg lettuce or romaine–you’d have a soggy mess.  Score another one for kale!

Whether you enjoy this salad as a main dish with some crusty bread, as a side with some soup or loaded into a tortilla for a lunch wrap I promise you won’t be disappointed.  And your body will love you for it.


6 thoughts on “Recipe of the Week

  1. That looks delicious!! I make my vinaigrette from juiced orange, tahini, and garlic for an Asian kick. First I lightly wilt the kale, then put the dressing on while it’s warm, sprinkle with sesame seeds. I do this with chard from the garden several times per week.


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