Bey, Bey, Please Go Away!

I took a blogging break.  It wasn’t planned.  David and I did a bit of traveling to see family, and then Anne came to Tucson for a visit. After that I just wasn’t feeling inspired to blog.  Nothing like the incessant media hype/blather about Beyonce’s “vegan diet” and her new buff body, glowing skin and vegan business to get me back to my keyboard.

If you are not someone who googles “vegan news” daily like I do you might not know that not only has Beyonce lost weight on a “vegan” diet, but she and Jay Z have teamed up with their celebrity trainer, Marco Borges, to sell pre-packaged plant-based meals mail-order style.

I first heard about this enterprise when Victoria Moran had Marco Borges on her Main Street Vegan radio show.  I love this show, and if you’re interested in listening to interviews with important and inspiring voices in the vegan world this is a great place to hang out.  You can link to the site here.  When I listen to interviews, I usually peruse Victoria’s guests’ websites at the same time.  I’ve learned so much this way and been inspired by so many people working tirelessly for animals, the environment and our health.

During the interview with Borges, it was clear that he is about health, and I have no doubt that his passion for plant-based food and exercise helps people get healthier.  That’s a good thing.  I was, however, dismayed to read this blurb on the website for his mail-order food business:

Why Plant-Based? There are many reasons to go meat-free – whether it’s to help the environment, improve your health, or other reasons.

They were working very hard here to ignore the animals.  I suppose the animals are the vague “other reasons”.  This website (you can check it out for yourself here) uses the word “vegan” liberally. To me, the word vegan is first and foremost about not using any animal products.  And there is no distinction between the animals we eat, animals we wear and animals that perform for our amusement.  I have no idea what Marco Borges thinks, but if he wants to profit from positioning himself as a vegan I wouldn’t mind knowing where he stands on the animals.

As for Beyonce, it’s all an eye-roll for me.  In a recent statement to the New York Times, she emphatically states “it’s important that you know I am NOT a vegan”(article here).  Why is that so important? Perhaps she was getting tired of all the inquiries about her fur and leather habits.  Or perhaps she’s concerned about her brand and doesn’t want to be like the “people who live in Colorado and don’t use deodorant”.  Perpetuating rather than repudiating such a silly stereotype is a lost opportunity.  I found myself wondering for the umpteenth time what, if anything, these people stand for.

Oh, right, I guess it’s the money.

It’s good to be back!

2 thoughts on “Bey, Bey, Please Go Away!

  1. Nice to have you back, Lisa. I hope you enjoyed your bloggy vacay. I’m on a mini one myself as we are tying up loose ends with school, finishing a full two weeks early. Yay!

    As for Beyoncé, I say anything that gets people plant-based is fine by me. The ultimate goal here (for me anyway) is factory-farmed animal liberation (extinction?) and for people to THINK about their food again. It’s a fantasy to think that the whole world will go vegan, but I like to dream big. There seems to be a grass roots movement gaining traction; you’ll see me stepping up my vegan game at the blog more in the summer. Cheers, Lady!


  2. Hi Shannon! Oh I remember those end of school days well (even homeschooling ones!). You know, I can be torn between thinking “anything is good” and knowing how much stronger the movement could be without all the moral schizophrenia. Looking forward to hearing more from you this summer 🙂 As always, thanks for reading…


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