Is My Trend “On Trend”?


No way!

I think I can safely say that I have never been a particularly trendy person or dresser.  I’m sure the word “trendy” evokes different images and associations for each of us.  For me, it was usually about something I wasn’t.  When I was a young girl and teen whatever “it” was went along with long flowing straight hair.  Definitely counted me out.

The word “trendy” seems to have evolved at some point into the expression “on trend”. I know I first heard the term on Project Runway as in “it’s now, it’s fresh, it’s editorial, and on trend.”  And in the sewing community there are many young, talented sewists who aspire to sew “on trend”.  According to what I’ve observed this seems to mean sewing clothes that are reflective of what’s available in the ever-changing world of ready-to-wear.

I’ve learned from reading countless sewing blogs that, in general, sewists aspire to 1) create clothing that looks and feels “one of a kind” and/or 2) actively mimic ready-to-wear (casual and couture) with less of an obvious handmade vibe.  As someone who has never wanted to stand out in a crowd, I am more in the second group, although I don’t mind if a garment looks handmade as long as I think it’s well made.  

Cutting My Teeth on Cotton Skirts

When I started sewing I began by making cotton skirts.  Using “quilting cotton” is a pretty common starting place because the prints so naturally draw new sewists in.  Bolts and bolts of fun and dramatic colors.  Who could resist?  Plus quilting cotton is very stable and the easiest fabric to work with. Luckily for me, the Arizona lifestyle really lends itself to wearing skirts like this.  Here is my first creation lovingly named “Ode to Summer Camp”!


Gotta love that batik!  Since this skirt is unlined (I learned how to do that on the next iteration) I wear it when it’s way hot here or I just need a nostalgic boost.

Buoyed by my first success I quickly created another in the same pattern.  This one is titled ” Homage to Tommy,( no I’m not going to pay 100 bucks for a cotton skirt) Bahama”:


This one has a real RTW vibe and I wear it all the time.  Because you can never have too much of a good thing I sewed one last skirt in this pattern using this fabric:


Can you see where we’re heading here?

I LOVED this fabric, but I wondered from the beginning whether it didn’t look a bit like a tablecloth. “Ode to Tablecloth”? Never mind.  I sewed it up and here it is:


Styling this thing was challenging.  Somehow my usual go-to of black or white tank didn’t cut it, and I preferred wearing it with chambray or light denim.

The Big Reveal

So, yesterday when I was roaming around La Encantata, our lovely outdoor shopping mall and saw the Ann Taylor window from the photo at the top of the post I wondered if I was perhaps not only “on trend” but maybe “ahead of the trend”?!  So I went home and gathered up my tablecloth skirt, me-made chambray sleeveless blouse and Gap sweater, circa 2012 and voila:



My trend, on trend or off trend, the only thing I know for sure is that it’s way too hot to be wearing a sweater 🙂