Hungry Horse Ate Our Hike…

…So We Took Pictures Instead

Lots of them.  Here’s what happened.

We set off this morning to the Hungry Horse Reservoir and Dam, a hiking and camping area not far from where we are staying.  As I mentioned before, we are waiting for more of Glacier to open up, but there are so many other beautiful places to explore.

We visited the Hungry Horse Ranger Station yesterday and the very helpful ranger(ette) sent us on our way with some maps and trail ideas.  What she neglected to say, however, was that our humble Hyundai was not going to be very happy climbing the winding unpaved roads to the trails.  After two false starts that included a glacial pace (pun intended) in order to not dislodge some essential part of the underside of our car, we turned around and finally had to admit defeat.  We never did make it to a trailhead.  BUT, we saw some unbelievable things and we stopped whenever we felt like it and took pictures.  I know how utterly tedious it is to look at someone’s “trip pictures” so I selected only the most spectacular.  I will be your guide through a tour of Hungry Horse…


Something that made driving around this area so amazing was that we were hanging around at high elevation most of the time.  As such, the mountain views felt like they were more at eye-level, closer to us.  The photo above was one of the first we took but the overcast sky made it hard to get much contrast.  This improved as we drove on.  On our way to the first trailhead that we were destined not to reach I was loving the proliferation of wildflowers which we haven’t seen too much of so far:


The juxtaposition between these lovely yellow flowers, the pine trees and snow-capped mountains took my breath away.  I’m reminded of all the big jigsaw puzzles I used to do; now I know where they took the pictures!  On our way to trailhead number two we caught another view of the mountain from the top photo:


That’s David taking the same shot with his phone.  Thanks honey for bringing that much-needed splash of red to my picture!  In this photo you can see the water.  That’s the Hungry Horse reservoir which was visible for much of the drive.  Here’s a more beautiful shot of the meandering edge of the reservoir:


I know.  It’s spectacular.  Can you see the mountains in the background?  As usual, the landscape is so much more beautiful with the sun reflecting all around.  Finally, after we aborted hiking attempt number two we saw this view on the way back:


This forest appears to be recovering from fire devastation and what a haunting sight, especially in contrast to the serene vista beyond.  And finally,  there’s this:


Just, wow.

There are worse things than the hike that never was 🙂