Bright yellow…what?

When we were first driving in Montana towards our destination over a week ago, we spotted stunning swatches of yellow farmland.  At first it was hard to tell whether we were looking at actual crops or very dense yellow wildflowers.  We meant to look into it but we never followed up.  So today, after completing a hike on the Whitefish trail we were heading to the Costco in Kalispell to load up on more hiking and driving snacks (don’t you love the excuse to buy the BIG bag?!) when we spotted more of the bright yellow fields.  On the way back I got a better look and was able to snap some photos from the passenger side of the car.  Check this out:






Not bad considering we were going 60 miles an hour.  How breathtaking.

By this time, we had seen enough to know we were looking at some type of crop but I really had no idea what it was.  Any guesses out there? Well, actually, these are canola fields!  Here’s the link that clued me in.  Apparently the demand for canola is such that farmers are being encouraged to grow more.  Considering canola oil is often mentioned as one of the healthier oil varieties I guess that’s not surprising.  It’s certainly a boon for anyone looking for a killer photo op!

Week Two

So we are in our second week of our vacation, and we are chock full of plans for seeing more of Glacier (from the east side next).  We are struck by how different a two week vacation feels than a one week vacation.  I don’t think I had a two week vacation (away from home) since my kids were little and we rented a house for two weeks on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

Aside from having the time to drive here and back, the actual time spent in Montana is much more leisurely and relaxing.  There’s so much to see and do here, both in Glacier National Park and out, and yet we find ourselves with time to read, hang, find great restaurants and have long, leisurely meals (the food is superb here).  We expect to see and hike all of the areas of Glacier that interest us but we also have been able to engage with the local culture.  Just yesterday after watching the Wimbledon final (see what I mean about time for everything?) we took a fast walk around the complex where we are staying and drove to Whitefish Lake where there is a public beach.  I don’t think that we would have taken time away from exploring the park if we were only scheduled to be here for a week.

That being said I do miss my garden and bits of my Tucson routine.  Blogging, knitting and chatting with my kids help keep me feeling connected. Today Jeff called and reported that he took five tomatoes and a handful of baby zucchini home with him after checking on the house.  I guess I really didn’t need to stay home in order to manage our “harvest” 🙂