Oh my! Peach Pie!

And a Little Bit of Growth


Considering we are taking off for Montana in a few days and are all about using up our refrigerator contents, my impulse buy the other day at Trader Joe’s was probably a bit ill-advised.   I just couldn’t resist the wonderful smell of the ripe peaches (even though I’m not much of a peach eater), so that crate of peaches came home with me.  Check out these beauties:


So, what to do with the peaches?  I went to my usual sources, Smitten Kitchen and Barefoot Contessa, for some inspiration and I found a peach pie recipe from SM and a peach crumble recipe from Ina.  At first I was leaning toward the crumble because my inner voice (you know, the one that tells you all the reasons you can’t do something?) was suggesting that I could never pull off making a great fruit pie.  It’s hard to make a good crust.  It takes so much time. What about that lattice pattern on top?  And anyway, who is going to eat this?  Can it even freeze?  Is my pie pan the right size?  Wow.  I was all up in this when I had an “aha” moment care of Oprah.

A Fortuitous Super Soul Moment

While I was perusing peach recipes yesterday I was simultaneously catching up on this week’s Oprah Super Soul Sunday episode, and her guest was author and screenwriter, Steven Pressfield.  He is probably best known (outside of super soul circles) for his book, The Legend of Bagger Vance which was also a movie with Matt Damon and Will Smith.  The topic of the show, however, was how he understands the  creative process and the resistance we all have in response to our efforts to achieve greater consciousness, fulfillment and success.  His philosophy is outlined in his book “The War of Art”.   What caught my attention though (and how very timely) was his assertion that these inner voices, like the Debbie Downer in my head around the peach pie, are all about fear and exist as levels of resistance in direct proportion to the potential for growth in consciousness.  No argument from me.  This is stuff I know and believe.  The antidote?  Correctly identify the voices as irrelevant to the business at hand, and just do it.  So I did.  And here it is:


With perfect flaky (gluten-free!) butter crust:


And juicy, tart peaches:


An absolutely perfect summer dessert!

In truth, making this pie wasn’t any more complicated or difficult than many other things I have made  (that glazed lemon pound cake comes to mind), but for some reason tackling it felt like a task that was beyond my skill in the kitchen.  As I plowed ahead, step by step, I got in the flow and the nagging voices receded.  My kitchen didn’t look so hot, but when I popped that pie in the oven I suspected that it was a winner.  This time I didn’t let the what-ifs stop me and right now, I’m pretty sure that David’s office staff is enjoying a fabulous dessert with their lunch.

I know that this is a pie and not a big life decision but the experience of feeling “not up to the task” for me anyway, can show up around all kinds of endeavors.  And how very limiting that is.  I even suspect that the impulse buy/Oprah show wasn’t that much of a coincidence but instead the universe putting an opportunity and a little encouragement in my path.  This time I was paying attention and got the message.

And that is sweet indeed.