This and That

I had a busy few days because all three of my children were home.  My daughter needed some R & R and she arrived on Wednesday.  Her brothers drove down separately, (Sam on Wednesday and Michael on Friday) to visit.  It was a weekend full of chatter, reconnecting, lots of good eating (that lemon pound cake got polished off!) and a special cameo appearance by my granddog, Deacon.

Anne posing with Deacon:


Sam posing with Deacon:


And yes, the power beard is real.  Am I the only one thinking about the Popeye comics?

Michael wasn’t here yet but he would not have posed with Deacon and respectfully requested that I not take pictures of him.  OK, I can do that.  But I love having dog energy and exuberance in the house.  Reminds me why I love dogs and don’t want to own one again 🙂

Hanging around with grown-up kids is for the most part a lot of fun.  Some highlights of the weekend included:

1) Watching Deacon bark at our fake owl with the spin-around head in the yard.  Apparently he is the only creature to be bothered by Mr. Owl as far as we know.  He’s pretty scary..



2) Anne taking over in the kitchen to make the rice pilaf for our steak dinner.

Here it is (on day 3 now. Oops!)


Trust me, it was yummy.

3) Shopping for yarn with Anne so I can finally make her something.


As you can see I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this gorgeous yarn.  Fingers crossed that it will fit!

4) Talking psychology, philosophy and spirituality with Michael.  I introduced him to my psychotherapy god, Irvin Yalom.  Can’t wait to talk with him about the books I lent him.  Would love to have a photo (of Mike, not the books) but sigh, alas, no.

5) Watching “Frozen” with David and Anne.  I know I’m a little late to the party on this one.  LET IT GOOOOO!

6) Being hit with a horrendous bout of laryngitis on Saturday.  I literally could. not. talk.  (and I still can’t). Universe speaking anyone?  Clearly it was time for me to listen.

Everyone left yesterday and except for the bummer of the laryngitis David and I had a chill Sunday with a morning hike, him working in the woodshop and me catching up on paperwork and knitting.  And then I had a big urge to bake so I made this:


That’s the smitten kitchen summer strawberry cake (thanks Anne for the recommendation)–gluten-free version!  A sweet way to end a sweet weekend.

Hope yours was something special too.