700 Channels and Nothing to Watch



Our wonderful 60 inch flat screen TV is looking forlorn.  Or at the very least restless. After the umpteenth night of trying to find something decent to watch on television (and failing miserably) I knew I wanted to write about how with more and more available on television (hundreds of channels!), there is actually less and less I have any interest in watching.  I’ve been sitting on this title for a day now and I’m perplexed by my inability to get this post off the ground.  So what gives?  What’s so hard about this subject?  Maybe some free association will help.

I am mourning the loss of Mad Men, The Good Wife, The Voice and Parenthood.  Does it sound unseemly to mourn the hiatus of a TV show?

I want to get hooked on a new show and it’s just not happening.  I’ve been trying out all kinds of things.   The latest disappointment was Night Shift which I guess was supposed to be the current replacement for Grey’s Anatomy.  The writing and acting were so dreadful it made me pine for Grey’s which  also had its share of ridiculous plotting and writing.

Please STOP the horrible and incessant commercials from being SO LOUD that I can’t ignore them without the mute button.

On the subject of commercials, thank you for replacing that annoying kid in the back seat of the Kia Sorrento with a much more appealing Saint Bernard.  That commercial is now usually better than the show it is interrupting.  Dogs rule, especially the ones that drool.

I will never, I repeat never switch to Sprint “friends and framily” because their commercials offend me.  I prefer the Kia kid to the hamster.

Will we ever have another M*A*S*H?  Or All in the Family? Or Maude? Or Seinfeld? Or any half hour show with some real wit and edge?

I don’t want to get my nails done because I can’t bear the endless inane daytime talk shows that are always on the TV.  Ditto for the Nissan service waiting room, Hyundai service waiting room and most airline terminal waiting areas.  Why oh why does that have to be on? And I promise that if I have to watch FOX news in your establishment I will never give you my business again.

I’m sad that what passes for entertainment is so depressing–Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Hoarders, Celebrity Rehab, etc. etc. etc. The junk we are eating as a society has nothing on the junk we are watching.


Ahhh.  That was cathartic.

So all that whining probably begs the question, why not just shut the darn thing off?  That’s something I can control. As is clear from this blog I have plenty of other things to do.  Why do I care and what’s eating at me?  Well, first of all, sometimes I just like to relax and be entertained.  I like to laugh.  I like to cry. I like to be inspired.  I like to think.  Television, at its best, does all of that for me.  But it’s getting harder and harder.  Between the mediocre programming, onslaught of meaningless reality stuff, “news shows” that are nothing of the sort and endless commercial interruptions it’s really difficult to stay engaged in any show.

In the interest of full disclosure I am right now watching the French Open.  Check that.  I’m watching a loud American Express commercial.  You know, the one with Tina Fey.  I can say that for a sports fan, both in terms of quality and quantity, things have really improved.  24/7 programming means we get to watch more big games and tournaments live even if we’re watching in the wee hours of the morning.  And while I hate the commercials they happen during play breaks. So it’s not all bad.

I think I’m feeling nostalgic and perhaps struggling with my own inner curmudgeon.   The little rant above comes perilously close to a “back in my day” offering.  Truth is, that’s exactly how I feel but I’m struggling to say it.  I’m all about embracing change but on this one I’m missing what was and I keep reengaging hoping to find something that is, for me, just…gone.

Not surprisingly, my kids are way ahead of me on this.  Not one of them has cable.  Why?  “Because it’s not worth it mom”.  Yeah, I know.