Fun in Tubac

photo 5

David and I are incredible homebodies.  We set our life up so that we have so much of what we love in our home and the surrounding area in Tucson-hiking,  gardening and doing our creative stuff.   And we seldom need to go in search of better weather.  That being said, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling together when we’ve carved out the time to do it.  Last year we spent a week hiking in Sedona and another beaching it at a spa resort in Cancun.  Plus we take at least a few trips a year to see our children wherever they may be.  On long weekends though we enjoy checking out smaller towns outside of Tucson that we can visit in a day.  Today we decided to head to Tubac.

Tubac is an artists’ colony type place about an hour south of Tucson.  We actually went there once before when the town was hosting an annual art and craft show.  Plopped down in what seemed like the middle of nowhere were hundreds of artists and artisans set up in exhibit tents winding around the streets of tiny Tubac.  We enjoyed that day and could see some of the charm of Tubac but we were interested in going back and seeing the permanent galleries during a quieter time.   So off we went.

When we arrived at 11:00 we headed right to lunch.  Since David and I get up at around 4:00 a.m. we are definitely “early birds” when we eat out.  We headed to the charming Shelby’s, a cafe that Arizona Highways Magazine named one of the “25 best places to grab a bite in Arizona”.  So here I am relaxing after that very yummy bite:

photo 2

I had the veggie burger, not the fish and chips, but I was charmed by this sign nonetheless:

photo 4

After lunch we meandered around the small “downtown”, visited the galleries and chatted with the gallery owners.  Many of the owners also use their gallery spaces as studios and we could see some works in progress.  Most folks were happy to chat with us because this is a slow season for them.  We didn’t buy anything; in fact, our own creative juices got sparked instead.  Can we make a copper water sculpture?  How about those beaded necklaces?

Mostly we enjoyed being in such a lovely place on a lovely day.  You can see the beautiful rolling mountains that form the backdrop to the town in this photo:


After we had seen and visited most of the shops and galleries we came upon a shop called  “Untamed Confections”.  Well really, who could pass that up?  So in we went and we came out with this:


I am glad it was called “Midnight Gold” and it looks really big in this picture because it was the most expensive candy bar I have EVER purchased.   In fact, on our way out of town, David was bemoaning the high cost of gas off the highway and I reminded him that we had just spent $15.00 (yes you read that right!) on a candy bar.  Okay, the candy was pretty divine and is rich enough to last us a week but still…

We had a terrific time in Tubac.  And now we’re back home.


Ahhhhh.  Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!